AM  ALEVIN (born in 2006-2007)
IM  INFANTIL (born in 2004-2005)
CM  CADETE (born in 2002-2003)
JM  JUVENIL (born in 2000-2001)
JUM  JUNIOR (born in 1997-98-99)


AF  ALEVÍN (born in 2006-2007)
IF  INFANTIL (born in 2004-2005)
CF  CADETE (born in 2002-2003)
JF  JUVENIL (born in 2000-2001)
JUF  JUNIOR (born in 1997-98-99)

Each team or club participant must have its own medical insurance for all the players.


Competition system
All the games of all the different categories will be 30 minutes long, divided in two halfs of 15 minutes each one. In all categories, depending on the number of participating teams, groups of five or six teams will be formed. A league will be the competition formula used in the first round where all teams will play against each other. The best teams will get through the qualifying round, with knockout matches (quarter finals, semifinals and final). All teams will play a minimum of 5 matches. Every team has to be formed by a maximum of 15 players and 2 officials for all the competition.

Map of our arenas during the Granollers Cup

Referees from all the world will join the Granollers Cup under the supervision of the International Handball Federation (IHF). In previous editions, referees came from several national federations: Kuwait, USA, Xina, Korea, Egypt, Sweden, Iceland, Iran, Argentina, Mexico, Japan, Brasil, Tunisia, Greece, Sweden, Danmark, Switzeland, Puerto Rico, Uruguay... The rest of the referees will come from the Spanish Handball Federation and the Catalonia Handball Federation.

Referees interested in taking part in the competition must have the licence of the 2015-2016 season. Referees need to ask for an invitation to the tournament’s organization before the 15th of May 2016. It will be a limited number of referees couple with this conditions. The lodging (youth hostel) and meals for the referee will be paid by the organization.