How many games are we guaranteed to play?
A minimum of 5 games.
How many players can be registered in the team?
Each team can register a maximum of 15 players and 2 officials for all the competition.
How long are the games?
All matches are played 2 x 15 min.
Can we register our teams online?
Yes, you can go to the website of registrations of the menu
On what court surface are the matches played on?
Most of the games are played in indoor courts equipped with official handball track. Some games are played outdoors on cement. Check the location of the arenas here.
Where are the schedule and results published?
On Granollers Cup results website (only during the tournament): http://2023.granollerscup.com/
When will the match program be published?
The match program will be published on Granollers Cup results website on June 15.
Which rules apply?
Granollers Cup is played according to the IHF rules and RFEBM regulations.
Can I use glue?
It is not allowed to use resin or adhesive substance in any categories (only in Juvenil and Junior: JUNMA, JM and JF). It is allowed in other categories only in case that both teams agree to use it.
Can a player play in several teams from the same club?
A player can play in other teams of his or her club only in case that those teams play in higher categories. Nevertheless, if a club has more than one team in a higher category, a player can only take part in one of the teams for the rest of the tournament.
When should the registration be made?
Registration dates: From October 28th to april 30th.
When should the registration fee be paid?
The registration fee should be paid no later than May 15th. The accommodation fee should be paid no later than May 31th.
How many accommodation options do we have?
There are different options for accommodation during the tournament. Check them all here.
Where can we find practical information about getting to Granollers?
Granollers’ location, close to Barcelona (30 km) and just 100 km from France, makes it easy to access with both price worthy and comfortable trips. Check the options you have here.
Where can we find information about departure times for the trains from Granollers to Barcelona?
On Rodalies de Catalunya website: http://rodalies.gencat.cat/en/index.html
Granollers train stations are called: Granollers Centre, Granollers Canovelles and Les Franqueses - Granollers Nord. All these stations connects with Barcelona main train stations: Sants, Plaça Catalunya, Passeig de Gràcia, and so on.
Where can we find practical information about the days in Granollers?
Check the day-to-day activities of the week here.
Where does the Opening Ceremony take place?
It takes place at Plaça de la Porxada (city center), on Wednesday afternoon.
How do we get from the schools and hotels to the courts?
You will get a travel card that includes free travel with local bus. Check the location of the arenas here and the bus routes here.
Can we follow Granollers Cup social media to get all the news and changes?
Of course, mainly on Twitter (@GranollersCup) but also on Instagram and Facebook.
When are the finals played?
The finals are played on Sunday. You can watch them live on this website.
When are the meals served?
The meals are served at the restaurant located inside Palau d’Esports.
Lunch is served in 3 times: 12:30 | 13:30 | 14:30 (according to the team’s accreditation).
Dinner is also served in 3 times: 19:00 | 20:00 | 21:00.


Is the Granollers CUP 2022 going to be held?
The pandemic situation becomes much better in the last months, also the fact that we already organized Granollers CUP last year is a clear indicator that we are going to organize the Granollers CUP and we want to do it with all the guarantees and security. 
If the Granollers CUP is finalled canceled for COVID-19 reasons, will I get my money back?
Yes, if the tournament cannot be held, all the money will be returned to the total of the amounts paid by the teams. 
If the Granollers CUP is held and for COVID-19 reasons we cannot participate, will we get the money back?
Yes, if your team cannot travel and participate in the Granollers CUP for reasons derived from the COVID-19 crisis, the organization will refund the amount paid by the teams. 
For any further question, please contact us here